Chuck Schumer is now our Arizona Senator

I had hope that Senator Sinema would represent Arizona as one of our US Senators. I was wrong. She voted to remove a legally elected United States President on no evidence of crimes or violation of the Constitution. She followed the sheep, led by New York’s Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer now gets to decide what is good for Arizonas since Senator Sinema is going to vote however he tells her to vote. If Martha McSally loses to the Democrat in November, Arizonans will have no voice in Washington DC different than from Chuck Schumer. We might as well be New Yorkers as that is what we voted into office. Anyone who cares about this state and country’s future had better wake the heck up and vote and contribute to McSally’s campaign, as she is being outspent by millions by the Democrat machine from outside of Arizona. If we lose our last and only Conservative voice in the US Senate, we are toast.

Carey Catanza