Dangerous Crossing

I was happy to see a letter to the editor in your most recent edition of the Sonoran News, regarding the intersection of Ridgeview Court and Tom Darlington. A couple of years ago, I wrote a similar letter, suggesting that pedestrians get their affairs in order, before attempting to walk across the street. Glad to hear there is a study being done, and I would like to reiterate the suggestion I made a couple of years ago….A small strobe light could be placed above the  flashing red lights, and that, hopefully, will catch a drivers eye. Also, as the recent author suggested, this could be done perhaps twenty yards or so before the intersection, in addition to, and at, the crosswalk.

It doesn’t need to be quite as Barnum and Bailey..ish, as the one at the crosswalk between Harold’s and The Roadhouse, but just enough to notice, and hopefully the old synapses start to work quickly when the driver notices the red flashing light.

P.S. With the on going explosion of home/condo construction in Cave Creek/Carefree putting more walkers, joggers and bicyclists along the roads, we better get our arms around this problem now.

P.S., P.S.- raising the speed limit in downtown Carefree,  from 25mph to 30mph, thereby winking at going up to 39 mph, was not the brightest idea coming out of our Town Council.

Bob Schmidt