Can it be imagined a bigger cluster than the Dems made of the IOWA caucuses, upside down and backwards, a high school class election would run smoother. Days after supporters stood hopefully in their candidates corners – still no complete results. 

But then again look at the line up the Democrat fateful had to chose from, Pete Buttigieg, failed homosexual mayor of South Bend, Bernie Sanders millionaire communist sympathizer, Liz Warren phony Native American and socialist, Joe Biden foreign policy blackmailer and Amy Kolbuchar far enough under the radar it’s not worth the effort to defame her.

If one can envision it, this bunch wants to be the leader of the free world, while offering the world for free. Of course there are bright spots, for the Dems they can now claim the 2020 election was a similar tainted effort, when they lose. For President Trump, a class of weak stumbling opponents against his string of impressive accomplishments and equally impressive goals for the future. Maybe the Dems should just concede.   

Randy Edwards