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Dearly beloved, Super Bowl Sunday 54 is over and I recall the first one, (How time flies). It was a great game to watch, with the Half in a tie. The 49ers looked good in the third quarter, but the Chiefs looked better in the fourth where it counts. The expensive TV commercials were basically, (terrible). Nothing but hype and hoopla. The Hollywood Half Time show was glitzy and plenty of “Shake that Booty.” Every year they keep trying to put 10lbs in a 5lb bag, (all those people running around.) My first thought was Pee Wee Herman could be in charge of the show.

Now the important stuff. Crazy Bernie stated, “People want change,” Bernie baby we the People got that three years ago, and the beat goes on. Earlier billionaire Bloomberg stated, “He was running for president so he could beat Trump and rebuild America”. He should have thought of that three years ago, (Wow). The Democratic Party still comes across as, The Party of Hate, (have you even noticed the press.) Makes you wonder what breaking News CNN will come up with this spring and summer. The Market is finally up again after the China Virus scare which will not go away soon.

The Marathon Station I drive by often, came down from $2.59 to $2.49 per gallon. OK that’s the good news, but a mile down the road it was $2.01 where I get gas. I noticed at the Marathon Station they always have plenty of customers so it makes you wonder, what is on the other side of the bread and milk, (a book or a massage parlor?) I will have to check this place out.

Tom Brokaw stated it is hard to vote for Socialism during a great economy, and Chris Matthews noticed the Democrats don’t have a candidate that can even beat Trump.  To all Democrats, the simple thing to do is just ride the economic wave and be happy.

Very sad news, Rush stated at the end of his radio show today that he has lung cancer and will be off time to time. He often mentions on his show about his formally nicotine stained fingers, (Pay attention out there). I’m sure the party haters will take notice. I have long been a Rush fan since his TV show, but he prefers radio. Keeping your powder dry just got harder.

Can you imagine all those young people at the Iowa caucus being around after Pearl Harbor? They would be our second line of defense, just like all those white guys that went into Normandy, (very scary)

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