Chinese New Year celebrated across Cave Creek schools

With the lunar calendar having started on January 25, Chinese New Year had quite a presence in Cave Creek Schools (CCUSD93) this year! With over 1,300 PK-12 graders learning Chinese during the school day, it was no wonder that everyone turned out for the festive days. At Horseshoe Trails Elementary, the kindergarten students in the Chinese immersion pathway had a Naming Ceremony where each child received an authentic Chinese name. Parents attended a formal tea ceremony and learned about Chinese tea culture while upper grade level students learned how to make the perfect folds along the top of a dumpling. While students wished each other “新年快乐” or “Happy New Year” here, we want to extend even greater health and happiness wishes to our Chinese sister schools and friends across the world.

CCUSD93 Chinese teachers proudly wear traditional dress from their home country during the Chinese New Year celebrations to expose students to this ancient culture.
At Cactus Shadows High School, even the AP/IB students took time out to decorate the hallways and celebrate Chinese New Year.
Horseshoe Trails Elementary School prepares for the schoolwide Dragon and Lion Dance.