Stan & Ollie

Watching Princess Nancy switch ceremonial pens, while signing the long awaited Articles of Impeachment, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. On either side stood Ollie Nadler and Stanley Schiff; Stan looking adoringly at his boss and mentor while Ollie, (here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into) appeared to be suffering a mild stroke as a smiling Pelosi spoke of the same tired threats to eject President Trump from office. Just the presence of these two Democrat hacks makes a mockery out of the proceedings. It should be feared that the shallow nature of the charges opens the door for never-ending use of the impeachment process as a political mechanism.

Can Pelosi be serious in choosing these clowns to represent the Democrat cause in the Senate trial? Nancy may, but I do not, take the long and the short of the political assassination squad seriously, lightweights in Trump’s wheelhouse. If there were any truth to the accusations better choices than the smug, bug-eyed Schiff and droopy, glum Nadler could have and should have been made to lead the charge. Does this telegraph that Ms. Pelosi is aware of the eminent disaster that lies ahead therefore offers Stan and Ollie as sacrificial lambs?

Randy Edwards