The Death of the Terrorist Master, Soleimani

For over 40 years Iran has been at war with he United States, and the Terrorist Master, Soleimani, planned and coordinated Iran’s violent attacks against all US forces that killed and maimed thousands of members of the US Armed Forces in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Most recently, Soleimani led the effort to Iran’s shoot down a 20 million dollar drone flying over the Persian Gulf; the US did not respond.

Today Iran is firing multiple short range tactical ballistic and cruise, surface to surface missiles, from multiple location of Iranian territory, targeting every US facilities in Iraq.  The military attack is a severe escalation of military aggression by one country against another; the US Armed Forces will retaliate on the multiple sources of those military attacks.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI