Do these 3 things to stay on track with your diet this year

Dr Leisa

First of all, I don’t like the word diet. I prefer to say food plan. When I say plan, I mean how your food fits into your lifestyle. Kind of like fashion. There are things that work for you and things that do not. Just because it works for your neighbor or your friend or you heard about it someplace, doesn’t mean it works for you. I also see a lot of 30 day challenges. I know I’ve mentioned that in an article in the past. Just doing something for 30 days does not create a lifestyle plan. That’s what has to happen if it’s going to work this time, a change in lifestyle. So my first tip is to avoid these 30 day challenges, and other short term fixes. Do your research, and write down your goals. If it’s to change your bloodwork, lose weight, increase energy or whatever, be sure the plan works for that. Just remember this is a lifestyle. It must into your daily activities. Also, eating right will help all three of goals I mentioned above. Once you eat right will for your body, you will have more energy, your bloodwork will balance out, and of course you will lose fat. Just know your reason for your goal.

My second tip involves knowing your body fat percentage. The best way to do this is in a water tank, with a hydrostatic underwater scale, but those are rare and generally unavailable to most people. The second choice would be body fat calipers. I suggest having this done at least once so you know your baseline. If you are using one of the scales that has body fat percentage into it, a lot of times they are not correct. By having it measured with calipers first, you can calibrate the scale and know how much it may be off. Many times personal trainers have other gadgets for this, but again if you know what the calipers say first, you will know what to adjust. Most people are at a high unhealthy percent of body fat. Even thin people may have a high percent body fat. Some call that “skinny fat”. A healthy muscle to fat ratio is important for healthy metabolism. According to anti-aging experts, the average American may add time to their life just by dropping 20 pounds. However, just dropping 20 pounds or so, may also mean you’re losing muscle. I know it’s discouraging at the beginning of your weight loss program when you go to the gym. It’s usually because you are gaining more muscle at that point. Try and start a good food plan for two weeks before starting at the gym. This way you can lose some water, and some fat before gaining the muscle. Much more encouraging this way.

My third and final tip involves eating out at restaurants. This is when most people fall off the wagon so to speak. Then they become discouraged, and give up. Many restaurants have something anyone can eat. The way I stay on track, is to go to the restaurant’s website and search the menu prior to going. This way I already know what I will order before I get there. Otherwise, once you see all of the choices on the menu it’s very easy to be sidetracked. Any questions you may have, call to ask someone first. This way you are not causing the server to run back and forth to the chef asking those questions, and potentially frustrating your dinner companions. This will also help you to stay on track because you already know the answers when ordering, especially if they have to substitute something. You shouldn’t even have to look at the menu!

I hope these tips help you to stay on track, and find a food plan that fits into your Lifestyle. I have bodyfat percentage calipers in my office, and can measure you as a good baseline prior to starting your plan. Please call my office for an appointment.

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