Christmas spirit shines in Rio Verde

While photos display the obvious, the event is best described in this letter:

“The Essence of what is important from Santa’s point of view…

There was food, fun, prizes, gifts, photos, contests, families, friends, neighbors, elves, little Miss Christmas, Princess of the North, Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause. All of this was at the beautiful ranch of Paul and Christine Dietz in Rio Verde and with the addition of Rein of Faith Ministries on December 7, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Santa loves the children (we all know that). However on this day he had an important question to ask the children… ALL of the children. The question was the same to each child. “If you could make a wish – or a Christmas miracle come true for anyone or anything in the world, Who or What would it be?” Try to understand they were surrounded by music, cookies, toys, prizes, laughter, colorful decorations, other children with their families, horses, photography, and a coloring contest that allowed the question to be asked by Santa “To see what was important to them.” Christmas is a time for gifts and toys… All for good boys and girls. However, Santa wanted to know what was in the hearts of these young children. Santa was not one bit disappointed in the sweet and sincere answers from children of ages three years old to Sixteen year old. Santa awarded the grand prize to a young boy 11 years old. Santa would like our community to know that we are in good hands with these children. What was the answer? Who was this young boy who touched Santa’s heart? Well, Santa keeps secrets! 

Stay tuned and in-tune with these wonderful children. They will make you smile and give you reminders, that all you have to do… IS BELIEVE!!!”

-Buffy Minton