Response to McGuire letter

Tom, may I address the issues as you name them in your letter to the editor in the 11/20/19 issue of Sonoran News.

First point first paragraph: Sign Ordinance, currently in rewrite by the town’s attorney for the last 6+(?) months, you state “we all can live with, and that will be enforced.” You must not have read the red-lined version where all reference to enforcement HAS BEEN REMOVED. Remember, even though we have a marshal that makes over $110,000/year, “we have no code enforcement” per the town manager.

Second point same first paragraph: Dark Skies: You voted AGAINST the Dark Skies Resolution (8-19-2019) because of perceived enforcement! Tell the citizens why mayor Bunch, who was the last to vote, broke the tie with a NO vote against the Resolution. Council working as a Team you say? We will eventually defeat the developers working behind the scenes against this thanks to Bruce Arlan and Bob Hughes.

Third point: Waste Water: How much is going to be spent you say? You didn’t. “Uneven water pressure being addressed in the next few years”? It’s been like that for a decade or more. What were/are you doing about it? NOTHING. What about water rate increases? You should have focused on increasing rates years ago so we wouldn’t be in this dire situation now. You have no backbone, and you have been on council far too long to put out a bogus editorial like this.

Fourth point: CAP Water (Central AZ Project – most of Cave Creek’s water). WHEN is the supposed emergency backup for water going to be constructed? I don’t remember a date specified in the IGA (Inter-Governmental Agreement) with Phoenix, which only came about because of the TOCC incorrectly supplying water to Walmart. That’s not a plus because CC has to pay for CC’s mistake. Where’s all this money coming from? I have studied the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan), and our current and future expenditures are through the roof!

Fifth point: CC “debt has been substantially reduced”. From how much to how much? Over what time? No one will go on line and read the financial spreadsheets. YOU as a councilman are responsible for communicating and explaining the financial health of our town to the constituents. Not once have you done that. Do you not understand the budget? You know the attendance at council meetings is about nothing besides the usual few, so when you put out a piece like this, WHY ARE THERE ARE NO FACTS?

Sixth point: Carrie Dyrek is not a Professional Town Manager. Yet you “worked hard over the past decade to put her in this position”. HUH? We’ve had interim Rodney, and Peter the guy from Massachusetts for 3 years. Lapse of memory perhaps? Shows what you don’t know about local government after being on council for 12 years or so. This town needs a seasoned professional manager. So staff recently hired an HR manager? HUH?

My point: We (ya’ll know who we are) want to keep Cave Creek as much as folks remember it. No Enchanted Canyon. No Cahava Springs continuing debacle. No new trails unless approved by council. No bridges. No sandwich signs and trashy Cave Creek Road signs. A General Plan put together by citizens, not a select few. Let the New River/Desert Hills PAC have Desert Hills.

Stop being an ingratiating, sniveling, say what Ernie wants you to say public servant. Remember you serve the public, not what the Mayor wants you to do. You all seem to forget that.

I love Cave Creek and want to continue to live here, so let’s do it right.

Katya Kincel