Gun control laws in America

Most gun control advocates are incapable of reasoning in their minds the reason for such an increase in crime in areas that have extreme restrictive gun control laws. They are incapable of realizing restrictive gun control laws take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens not the criminals. No one anywhere can pass a law that takes guns out of the hands of those who do not “obey” the laws. How is that so difficult to understand? Consequently those laws help the criminal and make the law abiding citizens more vulnerable not less. That also goes for law enforcement as well! It also puts our children at more risk but they cannot see that either.

On the other hand, constitutional carry puts more guns in the hands of “law abiding citizens” and that helps the law enforcement officer on the street. That is exactly where they should be! Criminals become more wary of committing a crime because they have no idea who is carrying a gun therefore the streets are safer. Such reasoning is just plain ole common sense which seems to be in short supply when it comes to gun freedoms. However, the good thing about constitutional carry is that not everyone need carry a gun because the criminal does not know who is and who isn’t carrying.

Mass murderers seek out gun free zones yet ignorant people still demand those killing fields. I wonder what effect it would have on criminals if that gun banning sign on the window of a restaurant or other business was replaced with a sign stating “concealed weapons welcome.” I suspect no gun toting criminal would be intent on committing their specific crime there. Whether it be mass murder or a robbery. Knowing in advance the likely outcome would be their death. Because it would not be necessary to wait for police who in many cases take minutes to get there when seconds count and people are dying. Most of those criminals who end up committing suicide do not begin their actions with that intent.

For over ninety years now we have been passing laws thinking, for some reason, they would control the law breakers and it has failed to even touch the criminal or decrease the crimes. If anything it may have made them worse in places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and dozens of other cities to numerous to list them all here. But most of them are run by gun grabbing socialist democrats who desire to register and confiscate all guns. When will we learn?

In the final analysis should people feel safer in a gun free zone or more vulnerable? I think everyone can reason out the answer to that question if they really think about it!

Donald (Don) Bitler
Retired pilot, Veteran
Published Author
Over fifty year Scottsdale Res