Busy month for Cave Creek Town Council

While the early part of the month kept Cave Creek’s Town Council members on the move, there was a noticable drop in public attendance at Monday night’s regular meeting.

The month began with a cancellation of the regular meeting, a special meeting and then, a day-long retreat. The large turnout of the month was for the special meeting on Nov. 13 regarding the signage issue. Long story short: same complaints from a large number of residents and business owners. Same guarded approach by the town council. Same threats of litigation and The Goldwater Institute and the Institute for Justice. However, all parties agreed that more time was necessary to consider changes and address new questions. To that end, a second reading is planned for January.

Business as usual prevailed at the Nov. 18 regular meeting.

Presentations were made by the Utility and Finance directors. No action required.

Notable actions:

– $135,776.97 was approved, unanmously, for a 2020 International Dump Truck.

– $57,252.25 was approved, unanimously, to repair an 8-inch waterline break.

– $149,940.00 was apporved, unanimously, for a Water Treatment and Supply Optimization Study Contract.