Noise at blue sky ranch

Good morning Jeremy,

I was in Mexico all this past week. Upon arriving  home last night, the noise was louder than ever coming from your Blue Sky compound.

This morning for the first time in awhile I was up early and having Sunday morning coffee. Sitting on my front porch the noise is just as loud piecing the morning quiet that I use to so enjoy.

It is as I have said before, I might as well be living next to the 101 freeway at rush hour.

Jeremy, this can’t go on. I am not trying to be a bad neighbor, but the entire ridge up here has become more and more aware of this noise issue. Several of the residences have called me asking what can be done. I told them to file a complaint. Speaking to you has done nothing to resolve this issue.

I want to work with you but it has become apparent you are insensitive and feel that there isn’t an issue. Therefore you are not going to do anything about it.

There is no conspiracy narrative as you have said to me in your past communications. There are just the facts. Clearly on the night you came up to my home when my neighbor, Carlos was present to meet you, everything was off at your property as there was absolutely no sound when you where visiting. Very odd!! Your denial to acknowledge this noise nuisance is unacceptable and will not make this matter go away.

If myself and the other home owners do nothing we are acquiescing to this disturbance and will have to live with it forever more.

I want to figure this out with you and your owner. However it seems to have fallen on deaf ears (no pun intended).

We as a neighborhood cannot let this go as it will become a permanent  irreversible blithe on our peaceful environment and community. .

I am going to invite some of the counsel members up here to hear the noise in the evening so they know first hand what the issue is as our environment becomes threaten by your untethered equipment.

You Have built a massive industrial complex with commercial equipment represented as residential In a quiet mountain community.  This should have never been allowed in the first place. If we had know the extent of your inconsideration and disregard for the environment and violations of other right for quiet and peaceful existent  I think a second thought would have prevailed.

Just because the owner has money and resources  is not a license to transgress on others right for peace and quiet.

For someone who wants to have their privacy so bad you are going to draw attention to your building site and it’s owner as this become more and more of an issue brought to light for the entire town to decide whether or not this is tolerable.

Wayne Helfand
DBA. Rare Earth Gallery