Stargazer: Oct. 23 – 29, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mars, the ancient god of war, is in a challenging position to both Saturn (the teacher) and Pluto (the Powers that Be).  Mars represents the aggressor inside of us.  It takes action without hesitation.  Given its arrangement in the sky now, there are two planets who are stronger than Mars that challenge its power.  Good wisdom says it is best to back off the desire/urge to take the plunge.  The booty would cost much more than it is worth.  Traffic accidents increase in times such as this because everyone is in a hurry.  If someone cuts you off on the road, don’t let your rage put you into a useless tizz.

Aries:   Oops!  This is clearly a rough patch in your relationship(s).  The arena may play out in your primary partnership or in your work/career situation.  Though someone may be goading you, you know this is not the time to lose your temper or try to make peace.  Just give it a wide berth until the time is better.

Taurus:  Surprise, changeability, and general rebellion are the qualities prominent this week.  You may be the one who feels rebellious and wants to be left alone.  Or it could be your partner or a good friend.  If you have things on your mind regarding a relationship, they may fall right out of your mouth when you least expect it.

Gemini:  This is a week in which you will tend to be thinking obsessively.  It is an opportunity to learn how to better control your mind.  Shift your attention to something less dramatic, such as whatever is happening this moment, rather than worrying over what might happen in the future.

Cancer:  Your heart and mind are in conflict over an issue in your relationship(s).  You want to maintain peace and would like to accommodate the needs of Another.  However, you know in your heart that if you give what is requested, you may become resentful.  Explain your inner conflict and look for a win-win solution.

Leo:  Your attention shifts toward home, hearth and family as it often does at this time of year.  You may have a strong need to clean out debris, get out in the yard, and generally make things ready for winter.  This will require three or four weeks, after which you will shift to the holiday preparations.  It is your natural solar rhythm.

Virgo:  You want answers and you may insist on having them right now, in spite of the fact that you are irritating the person who has the answer.  Alternatively, you may be brooding over a child or a lover.  Be aware that aspects are causing this to happen and try to maintain peace.

Libra: Give careful attention to your car and also to any machinery you may be handling.  Equipment breakdowns are possible.  Of course they always come at highly inconvenient times.  Be prepared with backup or extra parts.  Your reflexes are off.  Use caution with the world of the physical during this period.

Scorpio the Phoenix:  (Oct. 23 — Nov 20)  The sun returns “home” to your sign this week.  You likely will find it to be energizing.  Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life.  Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy.  It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself right now. 

Sagittarius:  There are no new planetary signals for you this week.  Take this quieter time to conclude previous projects and clear the deck.  Then you can be quiet and plan what is next on your agenda.

Capricorn:  This is a time in which you will be required to work extra hard just to maintain the status quo.  It has already started and will continue for another couple of weeks.  You must use your stamina and internal grit to stay with it, but soon this test will be over.  Take very good care of your physical self at this time.

Aquarius:  You are caught in a Mars/Saturn trap for the present.  Saturn keeps you in the background and unable to climb out of your hole. It is like the brakes of a car.  Mars, which is the personification of the accelerator is straining to pull you out.  At present Saturn is too heavy to drag into the light of day.  Time will be of great help.  Be patient.  Soon things will change.

Pisces:  It may seem to you as though almost everything is unsure, uncertain and up for grabs right now.  This makes it challenging to make even relatively small decisions.  Circumstances around you are not at all clear and it is better to leave all options open.

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