Stargazer: Oct. 2 – 8, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Pluto is the god of the underworld, known for his ability to transform energy from one shape to another, like coal into diamonds.  For approximately 5 months at a time Pluto remains “underground”, in retrograde motion.  On Oct. 3 Pluto turns direct, which symbolizes bringing those deep changes of the past few months to the surface for display in the daylight.  This is a time to shake off toxins, and bring old “garbage” to the surface.  You may have been considering a metamorphosis in some area of life and during the next six months you will have the opportunity to make it manifest.

Aries:  The next few weeks is focused heavily on the “others” in your life and the state of your relationships.  Look for ways to renew and revive the energy with your partner, business associates and close friends.  You may be tempted to pressure others into agreement in order to support your personal goals.  Concentrate instead on keeping the peace and holding an open mind.

Taurus:  Your ruling planet, Venus, is completing a cycle of focus on your health or work in the world.  At the end of this week it moves into Scorpio and your attention will shift to the “significant others” in your life.  These may be partner(s), clientele, or professional consultants .

Gemini:  Take up whatever activities you need on a daily basis to promote better mental and physical health.  You may feel a compulsion to clean up files, closets, or other areas of detail.  It is one way of organizing your mind. It is a good time to catalogue, classify, and coordinate details for your next project.  This energy is the backdrop for the next two months.

Cancer:  You may feel out of sorts this week.  Your feelings are in conflict with your ideal self and your values.  You want to put your best foot forward, but circumstances do not feel quite right.  If the conflict is deep, it is usually best to wait and not yield to whatever pressure is around you.  You will sort it all out if you take your time.  Don’t panic.

Leo:  You may be pestered by memories of times in which you felt you failed or somehow didn’t meet expectations.  Ask why you need to review this now.  Is there something to be gained here?  If it is simply repetition of old fear tapes, take what you really need to remember and toss the rest away.

Virgo:  Your ruling planet, Mercury, is changing signs to Scorpio for the next two months.  This represents a shift of attention from financial matters to focus on communications, neighbors, siblings, and others who are in your daily environment.  You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.  Give it a checkup and a detailing.  Education and short distance travels are favored.

Libra the Scales  (Sep 22 — Oct. 22):  Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks.  This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries.  Periodically we need to examine who we are and also who we are not.  Often something is eliminated.  Overall it increases your courage and physical strength.

Scorpio:  Over the next six weeks, life will work more smoothly if you let yourself be led by the “signs,” circumstances, and people around you.  It will not be a time to attack in anger or initiate new ideas, but to respond to what comes your way.

Sagittarius:  Give special attention to situations that seem synchronous or unusual information that drops into your head.  You are subject to receive intuitive ideas now.  Think in terms of being a good receiver.

Capricorn:  You have been steadily working on a new, more stable identity for the last two years.  At this time one of your projects is nearly ready for its display.  You can see the result of your effort and others will notice it as well.  This is a long project in becoming a new person.

Aquarius:  Feelings of guilt, taught to you early in life, may be plaguing your mind.  These feelings are no longer teaching you anything or making you a better person.  If there is anything of value there, recognize it as education and accept it as only that.  You are not a bad person and never have been.

Pisces:  You may feel as though you came from another planet this week.  Communications may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether.  Make notes about those things you need to remember.  The brain fog might drown out worthwhile information that you will want to retrieve later.

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