Peruvian Horse show at WestWorld

The North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA) invites all horse lovers and the general public to our US National Peruvian Horse Show, which will be held at the WestWorld Equidome on Friday thru Sunday, October 11-13.  Admission is FREE. We’ll be in the Equidome from 8 am until daily classes conclude at the end of the day. 

The Peruvian Horse is a relatively rare breed of horse which was brought to the New World by the Conquistadors over 500 years ago. The explorer Pizarro took a small number of horses into South America and settled with them in Peru. The horse became the “Treasure of Peru” and was kept in that country until the later 1900s when some were exported to the United States. Since its arrival here, the Peruvian has become a pleasure mount with a large following of riders who desire a smooth riding horse for trips across mountains and desert.

The Peruvian Horse is naturally gaited, meaning that there are no aids that trainers use to make the horse move so smoothly. Shown without horseshoes, the Peruvian is noted for its luxurious mane and tail – and of course, for the incredibly smooth ride. Horses are shown in traditional Peruvian tack, handmade in Peru. Every piece of tack has a historical purpose and displays the deep heritage of this breed of horse.

The Horse Show will feature over 100 horses from across the United States and Canada, who will compete for the Best Gait (smoothest of the smooth!) and in other Breeding, Junior, Performance and Pleasure Divisions..

“People are welcome to come to the barns and meet the owners and riders to find out why we love this breed so much. We’d love to have everyone come and meet with us.”