Cave Creek’s council and staff

Don Sorchych, my view

It surprises me that few have decided to compete for mayor or council. How are we going to tolerate the current council’s majority nonsense until the election next August? Just ride Cave Creek Road and see the white crosswalk posts all black from tires as what they are, which is traffic offenders. Clearly they are obstructing traffic. Same goes for the stupid crosswalk signs.

Don’t you as a citizen cringe when you pass the water tower sign (which is 100 percent on town property) at the Roadhouse? Someday someone will get hurt at that location and sue the town, rather than the Roadhouse.

More recently a couple of citizens, Ellen Wright and John Hoeppner decided, after intense investigation, something smelled in the council chambers and it wasn’t just smelly feet.

There is some question about whether Paul Diefenderfer got enough votes to be on council so that is my next investigation. There was a time when the town backed up Maricopa County vote results by doing their own check but somewhere along the way the town stopped doing county vote checks.

Now, a town investigation was forced by 30 signatures on a complaint that Diefenderfer’s permit approvals for his “home occupancy” were fraudulent. His “home” was a trailer and his future home was a collection of variously colored shipping/storage containers. In the meanwhile, in a residential area, this council member had a business that appeared to be a fire hazard. Conclusions were reached the smell was that the town gave illegal waivers to a councilman, and they did.

So finally the town rescinded the “home occupancy” approval. The complaining group asked the town to keep them informed of future town actions concerning this property and who can blame them?

A problem remains: A serious fire possibility exists that requires council action to deny what he is doing, councilman or not.

Note the picture of the old fire engine which Diefenderfer brought in, as if that shields his business on residential property.

Of course the town did nothing to take action against the town employee(s) who asked a complaining neighbor to ‘help’ Diefenderfer with his endeavors. And how about a lack of action on those town employees who illegally signed approval documents? And why didn’t Diefenderfer pay late penalties for his delinquent permit fees?