According to PVT South

Who is behind the curtain calling for President Trump’s impeachment?  Pelosi is just really going through the motions of impeachment and it is fake news, according to Congress it is not official. Cortez of NY pulled her string and Nancy jumped. What is wrong with these people? America is going great, and what ever happened to the Democratic political term, (It’s the economy stupid.) Ever since Queen Hillary lost the BIG ONE, the Democrats (the party of hate) have gone crazy. Pelosi stated, “No one is above the law”, OK how about Bill, Hillary and Obama, remember the big lie, (You can keep your Doctor). Pelosi’ district San Francisco is now the land of homeless, tents, trash and rats just like many other Democratic controlled cities. (NY and LA for example). Who would want to live in that mess? Have you noticed many of the public school children in America are being brainwashed by their teachers and they are being turned into, (Climate change zombies). Can you imagine these children voting when they become of age? Frightening!

You can now forget the Democratic version of gun control and background checks this time if “We the People”, had a new law to combat gun violence. The real problem has always been the shooter so we will go with that. Ok once again in America, after the shooting stops, and the innocent dead and wounded are lying about (now what?) Time to get a grip! The shooter never thinks about the horrible mess he left behind but he can now think about the new gun law that would be in place. After the shooting stops, the shooter is captured (dead or alive), and pronounced guilty of murder at the scene by the officials. Then turned over to the County Sheriff for processing. The sheriff takes the shooter to the county jail and without fanfare (hangs that sucker), head first or feet first, (Mussolini style) for his 15 minutes of fame. The sheriff then turns the shooter over to the undertaker for cremation and the mystery trip that will follow. The sheriff then takes the shooters remains back to the county jail and again without fanfare, (flushes the remains down the county jail toilet. RIP. OK, future shooters now may think twice about being on the evening news.

One final thought…..will Biden be the turkey for this Thanksgiving?  You now have back to back solutions for two serious problems in America, (Homeless street people, and gun violence.)

So what say you, Chuck and Nancy, plus all members of Congress?

Pvt. South