Will America remain a Constitutional Representative Republic?

don bitler

There is now, and has been for decades, an organized concerted effort to take over America by thousands, if not ten of thousands, of indoctrinated communist American citizens. We all can see it, especially now, but few will admit it. Especially the media. All the lies and corruption that is coming out now would not have been exposed if Hillary had won the 2016 election. Think about that for a minute.

However, if we do not investigate, discover and punish those who organized the recent attempted bloodless coup d’etat by the so called democrats it will happen again. Next time, if there is no accountability, and there will be a next time, it may not be bloodless and they “may” succeed. At least to the point of creating a civil war. All of their intentions are obvious so obvious as a matter of fact some of the old line (Kennedy) democrats cannot see them. Even when many so called democrats declare themselves socialist democrats. Somehow tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, see no problem with socialism because they have little to no knowledge regarding socialism or how it works. Socialism is the basis for communism, fascism and marxism. Which leads to total and complete control of everything within a society. Therefore, guns are “NOT” allowed in a socialist structure.

When Obama made a campaign promise to fundamentally transform America thousands of so called democrat Americans cheered wildly many possibly not even knowing what he actually meant or perhaps not caring. They also never asked into what? They cheered wildly again when, in his next breath, he also promised a federal police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US Military. However, once again, no one bothered to ask why such a force was going to be needed under the Obama administration after over 230 years of not being needed in this “free” country with government by and for the people. If we know history however, we know what its purpose is or was. It has been demonstrated over and over by dictatorships throughout history. Especially during the bloodiest century in mankind’s existence the twentieth century.

During that bloody twentieth century over 170 million citizens of various countries were rounded up and murdered in one way or another by their own government after that government had confiscated their guns or means of self defense. Now that is mass murder! Do you still wonder why these so called democrats want to confiscate our guns? Their goal, that they are laser focused on right now, is total and complete control of all US citizens or should I say occupants since they have allowed so many illegal aliens here. Barack Obama only failed to get his fundamental transformation installed because he found it impossible to get the guns confiscated even through he tried desperately his entire two terms.

America will only remain a Constitutional Representative Republic fueled by free enterprise as long as America has the right to keep and bear arms. Make no mistake about that! We should all know that now. The fear of a hundred million armed American citizens is the only thing keeping America, the America we have come to love, intact. Without them, it is becoming obvious, we would soon be a dictatorship or headed toward one very rapidly. It is all about absolute power and complete and total control.

Donald (Don) Bitler
Veteran, retired pilot,