If we need protein to live, how come sometimes it makes us sick?

Dr Leisa

Good question. As a reader of my column, you know I frequently write about the necessity of specific probiotics. Today I’m writing on the necessity of specific enzymes, and how they can help resolve some serious conditions in our body.

Our body is made up of 17% protein. This is second in line to water which is 60% of our body. Proteins are responsible for metabolism, assisting in blood clotting, regulating fluids, and hormones. They also help support our immune system. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

What can happen if the protein isn’t broken down properly?

Protein can come from plant or animal sources. If we do not take in and fully assimilate proteins every day, our bodies will suffer. In fact, many diseases and disorders including premature aging are the end result of incompletely digested proteins. Problems arise when we are not able to break the proteins down to the specific amino acids. This is usually affected by our HCl in the stomach, that is altered with the aging process and some diseases of the body. Some symptoms of poor protein digestions are as follows. Indigestion, gas, bloating, and acid reflux, as I mentioned in my last article. Common allergic reactions to some major foods. Notice that all eight (8) major allergens are proteins: Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

Major conditions in the body that are due to improper protein digestion include excessive stress on the liver and kidneys. Calcium deficiencies that eventually lead to low levels found in bones, cause osteoporosis, nervousness and irritability. Excess undigested protein lowers oxygen levels in the blood stream which may eventually trigger various forms of disease. The body may have to take some of the enzymes from the defense system for digestion, which lead to their not being available to fight off major illnesses or diseases, let alone the common cold. Loss or lack of energy, bad fuel equals bad performance. Statistically, close to 30% of Americans experience digestive issues every year that result in over 20 million hospital visits. Doctors are also writing millions of antacid prescriptions without considering the dangers of taking excess aluminum. There are so many people out there suffering from at least one, let alone the majority of the conditions I just mentioned.

I take enzymes already, and I feel fine.

Remember, many of the conditions I mentioned earlier have silent symptoms. Almost every day I see patients who take digestive enzymes that they bought at the health food store, the big discount store, or on line. Although it’s a good idea to take enzymes, we need specific enzymes to break down specific proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Regular over-the-counter enzymes cannot accomplish this. When patients come in, I asked them specific questions about their conditions. This guides me to determine which specific enzymes to recommend.

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