According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, on the front page of my local liberal daily, (The Courier Journal) they have a large KKK picture and words, (Web of WHITE Supremacy). The Democrats, now the “party of hate” have been promoting, “too many white guys” forever, because they figured that was the key to the Republicans, success. Looking back, too many white guys actually won WWII, and now years later we have too many women trying to dominate Congress and causing chaos in government. The new Squad of 4 is making my point, so there should be no argument. China, Russia and North Korea are full speed ahead on improving their Military, especially China and the Girls are more worried about Climate Change, (makes sense to them).

Joe Biden’s wife hinted Joe might not make it but we need to stop Trump. OK if Joe would win, what about the great numbers Trump has created in making America great again. Dearly beloved, the Democrats just don’t care. The two dozen running for President are coming across like Comedy Central and the women are leading the way. The Democrats will have a women on the ticket for sure and if Joe jumps off, it could be two, (perfect).  Right now all the candidates are acting like juveniles, but they will make a supreme effort to keep the House in 2020.

In the Wizard of Oz, you could see who was behind the curtain pulling the levers but who or what is pulling all the strings and levers for the Democrats? The Press and News Media have become major players and that is totally Un-American and an embarrassment to REAL journalism.

Queen Hilary was the lady in waiting, looking for an opportunity to enter the race, but Slick Willie appearing in a painting wearing a blue dress, (hint-hint), with red high heels took care of that! Have you noticed the Press and the Tabloids are not promoting the BLUE dress, (Trump should be so lucky).

Obama just paid 15M for an ocean front villa on Martha’s Vineyard, does this mean climate change has been put on hold? Life was supposed to be over in 12 years according to Cortez.  1776 has been our most important year for America, but hold everything! The Democrats are promoting 1619, (because they Care).

Dearly beloved, a noted psychiatrist stated President Trump is worse than Hitler, that sounds harsh but that is OK, the dud is a mentally challenged Democrat, (that’s what they do?)

Pvt South