Update on the Good Shepherd Gold Mine

In order to be transparent with the Cave Creek Community, Good Shepherd of the Hills Church wants to share the following update about our charity-serving store, the Gold Mine. We had to make a rather sudden management change which has delayed our being able to re-open by September 1st. This setback we believe may actually turn out for the best as we are close to hiring a long-time thrift store manager with tons of experience working with volunteers. As we anticipate the new manager being able to start in the next few weeks, we are actively cleaning, re-painting, and fixing the floors. Although we have been “closed” for August, donations have been pouring in (thanks!) We anticipate a late October/early November grand opening and we thank you for your past patronage and the patience to let us get this set up right before opening the doors. With God’s help, we will return stronger and better than ever. The many charities we donate all proceeds to deserve our best as do our volunteers and you, our customers.