Eskelson convicted

Connie Eskelson

A local woman has been found guilty of attempting to murder her husband by lacing his drinks with an ingredient found in antifreeze.  

Connie Eskelson, 67, was convicted by a jury in Maricopa County Superior Court and a judge will hand down her sentence on September 16.  

In August 2017, Eskelson called police claiming she had found her husband, Randy, unconscious inside their home. 

After being rushed to hospital, lab tests revealed the man had a potentially lethal dose of ethylene glycol in his system.   

Homicide detectives began investigating Eskelson after family members contacted authorities suspecting that she may have poisoned her spouse – although they knew of no reason why she would do so.  

At the time he was hospitalized, Randy Eskelson had lost all brain activity due to the ethylene glyco poisoning. However, he managed to make a full recovery and testified against his wife in a court-recorded statement.