According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, this is a Pvt Special because my wife, Jan and I just came back from a Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is about 100 miles up from Derby City, (Lou, KY) along the Ohio River. Trumps rallies are great on TV but being there is just like going to the Kentucky Derby instead of watching it on the tube. The rally was at a basketball arena, US BANK Arena), that was packed at show time.  With secret service agents running around on the floor, the only ones wearing suits and talking to their sleeves).The doors opened at 4:00 PM and everyone was checked out just like going through airport security. Then you hear the LOUD music and suddenly you think, the Democrats were in control of the sound system, (so tone it down).

VP Pence, gave a nice speech and then Trump Jr, came on and the crowd chanted, Run, Run, Run, (something to think about). After his speech Jr. worked the crowd for at least an hour, with his not so new gal-pal, Kimberly G, from the Five on TV and she may return? Finally it was show time and the President did not disappoint, (WOW). He may be coming to Kentucky to campaign for our governor.

Before and after the rally, there was an assortment of venders and protesters, plus bull horns doing their thing. The venders were mostly black while the crowd inside were mostly white. The venders were getting their kicks selling white duds, (Make America Great again caps), for $20 that they paid less than $5 for, (is this a great country or what?)  We did see a good ole’ boy wearing a big God, Guns and Trump T shirt.

El Paso and Dayton had mass shootings over the weekend and on Q, (the party of hate) blamed Trump. Our Justice system is weak and promotes due process to the extreme. What ever happened to the death penalty? Our prisons are overcrowded because of plea bargaining by lawyers. How many do we have on death roll and how long have they been there? Dearly beloved, have you noticed all the violence in our entertainment business. Hollywood and TV is not helping.

If that is not bad enough, the Stock Market just dropped over 700 points today because of the China trade imbalance…..keeping your powder dry just got harder.

Pvt. South