Credit card skimmers found in two Anthem gas pumps

On July 23, 2019, MCSO responded to a Circle K gas station located at 39414 N Daisy Mountain in Anthem, AZ, reference credit card skimmers being found in two of the gas pumps. The reporting party stated he was called to repair a gas pump, because the credit card reader was not working. While repairing the pump, he saw the wires connecting the card reader had been disconnected and the metal housing surrounding the reader had been damaged. Although no skimmer had been placed in pump 3, the damage to it was consistent with someone attempting to place a credit card skimmer in the pump. This prompted him to inspect the remaining pumps at the store.

He located credit card skimmers in pumps 5 and 7. MCSO and the on-duty manager at Circle K were notified of his findings. MCSO responded and assumed the investigation, gathering video and other physical evidence.

There have been 13 reported victims of credit card fraud that are believed to be connected to this incident/location. Most victims stated their cards were used over the first weekend in August, approximately 11 days after the skimmer had been located. MCSO detectives believe there are more victims who were affected by this fraud. MCSO detectives are also working with other law enforcement agencies who may have had the same type of criminal activity in their jurisdiction.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has allocated the necessary resources to this case to ensure we are working with parties involved. We are urging the public to report any suspected fraud reference this location to the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office. In addition, any information reference suspicious activity at this location may help MCSO detectives with this case.

Please contact the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office at 602 876-1011 or 602 876-TIPS if you have any information regarding this case.