Can some medications cause deficiencies of your body’s nutrients?

Dr Leisa

Absolutely. There are so many symptoms that arise when you are deficient in essential nutrients. Many medications cause these deficiencies, and therefore serious symptoms such as fatigue, depression, pain, cramping, dizziness, hair loss, weight gain, digestive problems, arrhythmias and more. I’ll talk about three popular types of medications on the market, and which supplements are necessary to take when you’re on those medications.

Acid Blockers

These are one of the most popular medications I find people are taking today. Lately I know of very few patients who walk into my office who do not have some sort of digestive disorder. They accept the fact that they have the problem, and because no alternative has been offered to them, they live for years and years on these drugs. The side effects are very serious, including chronic diarrhea. All acid blockers kill beneficial bacteria in our gut. For those who have read my previous articles, you know that I’ve written about the importance of beneficial bacteria relating to almost every condition in the body. Patients who are on acid blockers generally have a very difficult time getting off them once they are feeling better. In most cases I see, their acid rebounds, and actually becomes worse if they stop or reduce the dose. This causes them to stay on them for sometimes 20 years or more. I’ve also had patients placed on these drugs as a prevention of potential acid issues, even if they never experienced the symptoms. Because beneficial bacteria is so important, they also start to develop other serious conditions. The correct strains of bacteria must be taken in order for the damage of the gut deficiency to be corrected. Over the counter probiotics will not accomplish this. Aside of beneficial bacteria, there are 19 other nutrient deficiencies directly related to taking acid blockers. I will mention three I feel are important. CoQ10, responsible for cardiac health. Magnesium, that is important for so many pathways in the body, and vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies are quite prevalent and very dangerous. Because it is a fat soluble vitamin, bloodwork should be done prior to treating a deficiency. Overdosing on vitamin D can be very toxic to the liver. By eliminating acid blockers, patients are able to correct the deficiency, therefore not having to load the body with more vitamin D. When patients come to me who’ve been on acid blockers, I help them to correct their condition naturally. They soon find that their medical doctor no longer has to prescribe them. It’s life-changing for these patients.

Blood Pressure Medications

These medications are also among the most popular taken today. ACE inhibitors must be supplemented with zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Beta blockers must be supplemented with CoQ10, and melatonin. Calcium channel blockers must be supplemented with potassium, vitamin D, calcium, and possibly CoQ10.

Diabetes Medications

These are more popular today than ever. Type II diabetes can be reversed in so many patients, however some work has to be done on the patient’s part as well. If patients choose the medication route, supplements must be added to the therapy program. Glyburide must be supplemented with CoQ10, B12, and folic acid. Metformin follows the same supplement protocol, except vitamin B6 must also be added.

There are so many medications out there that are robbing our bodies of nutrients we require to be healthy. By not supplementing, other diseases arise because of the deficiencies, and therefore more medications are generally needed. If you are curious about any medications you are taking and which supplements are necessary, please call my office for a complimentary consultation for that. By supplementing properly, you may be preventing another serious problem. Please also know, that supplements vary greatly by brand and strength. In many cases it may not work if the right source of a supplement is not taken. I can walk you through this process.

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