Stargazer: Aug. 7 – 13, 2019

For All Signs: This week Uranus is changing direction from direct to retrograde motion. Uranus is also known as Prometheus, and is the only planet in the solar system that rolls on its belly. One side of the planet is always directed at the sun. Essentially he breaks the rules of planetary protocol. In mythological terms, Prometheus defied Zeus’ orders and stole fire from the sun to share it with humankind. He therefore represents the renegade in our psyche, the one who does not color within the lines, the one who is rebellious and can be expressed as ingenuity. He can act as an anarchist who breaks rules just because they are there. Or he can represent a special genius that each of us offer in service to the world. Some individuals are more “connected” to this energy than others, as you can imagine. Those who choose to follow their special genius are in some way helping humankind to evolve, to stretch and grow. At its highest level, Uranus operates as the intuitive mind that connects the dots to form fresh, new ideas. His best side is always a supporter of social justice.

Aries: This week is likely to be quiet. It is a good period to bring projects to a conclusion. You will want to finish that which has been in motion through the summer. Normally you are always planning for the next thing to focus upon, but for a couple of weeks here that does not appeal. Maybe you need some R&R.

Taurus: You may feel nailed to a tree by life’s challenges right now. The good news is that Jupiter is favoring your planet, Venus. Jupiter is the “greater benefic,” which offers favors and help from people in your life. Others are sympathetic to your cause and want to lend a hand. Let them do so. It will be a blessing to you both.

Gemini: You and your partner(s) are in a celebratory mood. You are talkative and in an exploring frame of mind. Curb your tendency to be opinionated or overbearing. Be careful if you feel compelled to buy. You are likely to splurge on an item that ultimately doesn’t fully satisfy what you want or need.

Cancer: You likely will be engaged in activities that require you to think and express your feelings. You and partner may be at odds which requires you to take a stand for yourself. After the weekend you’ll be ready to crawl back to your shell for some R&R.

Leo the Lion: (July 22–Aug 22) This week is far better for love life and play. Your usual routines are bogged down by circumstances out of your control, so give them time to take care of themselves while you use your energy for more rewarding activities. Worry is useless.

Virgo: There is a shift of your attention to matters of your personal history that may go back quite a long time. You will be looking inside yourself for meditative peace, answers to serious questions, and encouragement from your source. Journaling, hypnosis, meditation or counseling are useful activities now.

Libra: Your avatar planet, Venus, is stuck in a hard place for a short time this week. You may not be feeling well and would rather avoid people while you mend. Meanwhile, friends and those who are close to you want to help in whatever ways they can.

Scorpio: Please note the lead paragraph. For the next few years Uranus will turn up in your life through your partner’s changes in behavior and attitudes. (“Partners” can be a spouse, a very close friend, clientele, or a business partner.) You probably already feel the need to play the stable role in these relationships.

Sagittarius: Your planetary avatar, Jupiter, is turning direct this week. This increases confidence and you’ll find that you will be able to move forward on plans. Aspects strongly favor activities involving the law, travel, teaching, publishing, and education. Travel is auspicious.

Capricorn: It is probably time to let one of your business situations flow back into the ethers. You may be “ahead of your time” or “behind the times”, but somehow this one is out of sync with today’s trends. If it seems to you that some minor tweaking could salvage the situation, by all means begin now.

Aquarius: You have been pondering serious things in recent weeks and months. It is possible that you have critiqued yourself for not producing more in your life thus far. Your friends and family would readily tell you that who you are for them is by far greater than what you have produced. Listen to them.

Pisces: Your normal routines of living seem to be interrupted this week. It is hard to move forward. This may be due to physical or emotional stressors. Give yourself to uplifting movies or books. Avoid brooding. The time is short.

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