Stargazer: July 24 – 30, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Events of this week may bring sudden changes in the world of economics.  Global resources have been in a precarious balance for quite some time.  The aspect of Sun squaring Uranus may represent a “last straw” event, an apparently minor happening that triggers an inevitable avalanche over the next few months.  Keep some cash on hand (not in the bank), just in case the financial outcome is really tight. Uranus is strongly connected to high tech equipment, computers, and the internet.  The “last straw” may be composed of lost gigabytes.  Keep backups of important data in the cloud or on a thumb drive outside your computer hard drive.

Aries:  This week will likely feel like a “hurry up and wait” time.  You may not be feeling well.  Make an effort to keep a perspective on what is important and what is not.  The maya of the world around you is demanding, but you do not have to keep up the pace that others want.

Taurus:  The sudden changes described in the lead paragraph may have much to do with your home, hearth, and family matters.  Someone may shift attitudes or plans that shake up your expectations and beliefs about your security.  Wait for the dust to settle before you make decisions based upon what is happening this week.  Mercury is retrograde. 

Gemini: You are somewhat edgy and irritable this week.  Parts of your mind are scattered into so many corners that it is hard to pull everything together.  But you know clearly where boundaries need to be drawn and you are not hesitant to do so.  The best of verbal warriors is concise and says what is needed, but no more. 

Cancer:  You are drawn to all things beautiful and truly tempted to buy the wonderful items you see, especially those for your home.  If you need to watch your dollars, leave your credit cards at home and wait a couple of days before making a big purchase. Now is a good time to take a creative look at your life and bring harmony into the picture.

Leo the Lion:  (July 22–Aug 22) Take extra good care of yourself this week.  You may be subject to accidents and falls.  Stay aware of your body and stop when it says “enough”!  Venus enters your sign this week and will travel “with you” through the first half of August.  The subject of relationship will be very important as you travel through this time. 

Virgo: Irritability and a tendency to short temper may be your companions this week.  Beware the temptation to obsess over minor issues.  Take especially good care of your body at this time.  You are in a physical low cycle and subject to accident or minor injuries with tools, or vehicles. 

Libra: Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.  You might become the target for those who would take advantage of you.  If one or more people approach who are unknown to you, change directions or back off.  Librans have a generally open and friendly appearance that sometimes attracts users.

Scorpio:  If you have been channeling your energy into a project that has positive value for many you may be receiving recognition and applause now.  If, instead, you are working on something that is purely to make your ego shinier, you will find others are fighting you every step of the way.  Think about your motives.

Sagittarius:  You may very well be involved in an ambitious project.  You must take care with those who could be thought of as ‘authorities’.  If you press as hard as you want to, you likely will encounter resistance from these folks.  If your plan is good for a number of people, and not at the expense of others, you could score a win.

Capricorn: Read the lead paragraph carefully, as the general message pertains to you.  Don’t attempt to pressure or bend others to your will at this time.  They will retaliate in some form.  Keep your focus on a large picture of what is the best for all.  If your plans are self-aggrandizing, they will fail.

Aquarius:  Your frame of mind is more than a little bit maverick at this time.  You may be compelled to declare your freedom in every direction.  It won’t make a lot of friends on the playground, but this feels truly mandatory now.  If your energy is directed toward social justice, there will be many on your side.

Pisces:  Give particular attention to what you consume this week.  Your body is reacting to drugs or alcohol in unusual ways.  If you feel less alert than normal, focus your attention on the task at hand.  Dizziness or blurred vision require medical evaluation.

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