Cave Creek fire restrictions

There is an ordinance for picking up dog poop but not for fire restrictions. Really??? There are signs stating where to stop prior to the pedestrian crosswalk(s) but no fire restrictions for construction or home businesses that will involve welding or grinding? There is a PDF for ‘All Contractors and Construction Site Managers Working in the Town of Cave Creek”.The document states the checklist of ‘safety items’ is only RECOMMENDED! Really??? The document refers to several fires that have started in CC at local construction sites and extended into adjacent open desert spaces…Ironically CC Town Code Chapter 151, Section 151.06 3 requires fire sprinklers inside a home. What about outside a home? A garden hose??? Remember the wildfire on Cave Creek road a few weeks ago? Gorgeous desert foliage and now black for several miles with dead desert life of many types.  It was started by a small remote airplane that the owner couldn’t control and it crashed creating a small fire that grew in seconds. By the time any fire department arrived it was out of control. Our home and many others are now at high risk of a wild fire from perhaps one small, unnoticed burning ember be it day or night and guess what? My quaint, quiet horse town of Cave Creek could care less and is not even going to try to protect the environment or our homes in which we chose to live. I find it appalling that CC has had an ordinance for fire restrictions in the past but removed it once a certain councilman was voted in…the council it appears has chosen to turn a blind eye to this individuals container building and business. I’ve heard that there are a few individuals not opposing the welding and grinding needed to attach the containers as well as other metal construction for the home and ‘business’ but then we understand this isn’t affecting their home or value nor do they have need to worry about unattended wildfire possibilities to their home and/or property. The saying goes, “if it ain’t in my neighborhood, it’s okay with me”! NO CONSTRUCTION SITE EVER INTENDS TO HAVE A FIRE BUT IT HAPPENS!  Apparently the CC Council feels the same way..

Larry and Linda Dalton