This land is special and should be preserved!

I have been walking around the area of Spur Cross, Harmony Hollow, and the old Stamp Mill a lot these past two weeks, observing the passing of time in the close to 20 years since I lived out here. Yes, it’s hot. and I love it. The trees have grown much taller by the landing of the cable chair we used to ride in times of flood. The owner of the Stamp Mill has graciously been allowing me to take photos and watch the creek from the shade of a riparian habitat that he has been nurturing for decades..

One thing is clear: This land is special and should be preserved! The watershed, the Creek, and its’ floodway are a birdwatchers paradise! I have seen bobcats, deer, coyotes, gila monster, javelina, and mountain lion tracks in the times I have been out there.. The night blooming Datura are out with the full moon, and a seep of water brings life to the larger Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.

This is not your usual real estate deal, this kind of crucial habitat is not coming back. More than 90% of such places have disappeared to development. If someone who can pay for it decides to try to build a bridge across or a blighted home in the middle of the Conservation Area, wildlife for miles around with be affected.

I have noticed that everyone has an agenda. Even I had one in the form of a sculpture Park and Art Center at Harmony Hollow. The fact is there are plenty of places in town for such activities, there are no more places for wildlife like this one. This crucial habitat feeds the conservation area. Preservation and no future development is really the goal all of us can support.

Melissa Paxton