Someone finally caught on

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– Last count, bigamy was a felony in 37 of our 50 states. Sentences range up to ten years per violation.  The largest discrepancy is in prosecution. Bigamy is a low-priority pursuit in some regions.

– The first step on the moon by Neil Armstrong was taken using his left foot.

– It is against the rules in most table-tennis organizations to wear white shirts while competing in tournaments. The vision problems created are considered to be too severe because of the hi-velocities these players can generate. Allowances might be made for pitty-patters like me.

– A 100-pound woman wearing high-heels exerts more pounds (psi) when walking than a 6,000 pound elephant. Such a pachyderm exerts about 75 psi while well-heeled lady shall be applying about 1500 psi at the heel-point of her dangerous Zapata. Yikes.

– A typically content child can laugh approximately 26 times as often as a mildly gratified adult.

– It has long been rumored that some women make a living by marrying men who possess money and\or property. I offer in evidence the famous “wife of Bath” from “Canterbury Tales” and one woman named Kyle McConnell hailing from Roseville, Michigan. Kyle married fifteen men and was said to be a tremendous house-keeper. After each divorce, she kept each house. Her pattern of operation was to drain all bank-accounts and then move on to another prospect. Someone finally caught on. Love is Grand: La-La-La.

– Damascus is the capital of Syria. Most historians agree that this is the oldest continuously occupied city in the world and no one knows how old the city is or even ventures to offer a guess. Damascus is mentioned in the Bible – and now in this column.

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– Grapefruit has been popular since 1893, just prior to being an almost instant hit at the Chicago World’s Fair.

– I recently read that most cork comes from Spain. I would have guessed wine bottles.

– Sturgeon is the source of some expensive caviar. Sturgeon is said to be worth its weight in gold (almost). I have never tasted the stuff (gold or caviar), but am told the flavor is similar to salty buckshot. I crave to dine on no salty lead, neither.

– The ancient name for Amman, the capital of Jordan, was Philadelphia. “Philadelphia” means city of brotherly love. I thought it meant “city of peculiar basketball trades.” Now, I know better. Well, beware of wives wedding for moolah – and have a great day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at