Cave Creek Wildfire Prevention Ordinance – Proposed

Hi Don,

Attached and below is the proposed “Cave Creek Wildfire Prevention” Ordinance that (will be) given to Council on Monday.  This proposed ordinance is the result of a neighborhood initiative that skips all the political B.S. “we need to study the issue” – “hold endless meetings” and bureaucratic stone-walling.

Hopefully, you can find space (front page?) to publish this proposed ordinance and pressure the Council to act.



The EXTREME or HIGH fire danger that we are currently facing mandates that this Council immediately enact a CAVE CREEK WILDFIRE PREVENTION Ordinance declaring it an emergency so it will go into effect NOW.

Residents deserve an immediate passage of a CAVE CREEK WILDFIRE PREVENTION Ordinance.  For the Council to do less is a total disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of our Town.

Drafted is such an Ordinance for your consideration.  The community urges you to put politics and personalities aside and do the right thing to protect the residents of Cave Creek.


The following actions are prohibited in residential areas during an EXTREME or HIGH fire danger declaration by the Town:

– Grinding metal, welding or operating an acetylene torch with open flame

– Dragging chains behind a vehicle

– Parking on dry grass – always park on the road and do not park on vegetation at anytime

– Discharging or using any type of firework by pyrotechnic device

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek