According to Pvt. South

Dearly beloved, “We the People” are just one election away from becoming an ordinary Nation with help from the Democratic Party. Since Queen Hillary lost, the Democratic Party has really exposed themselves as “THE PARTY of HATE’. Sweet Nancy Pelosi has now slammed the census question and warns it would make, “America white again.”(WOW) Is it too much to ask if everyone living here is a citizen or not, (Why do we even count every ten years?) OK according to Nancy, America should be more like California, with its higher taxes and gas prices. This includes the homeless with tents and trash, (even in LA.) Also check out Nancy’s Congressional District, San Francisco. It has become a classic, (cesspool of humanity.) That is what excessive liberal government will get you, so why would anyone vote for that?

Kamala Harris should be running for President of the PTA, but could wind up on Biden’s ticket, (If Joe can make it?) Just to shut her up. The way Obama made Hillary Secretary of State. Nancy and Kamala are having a hard time dealing with White Supremacy but dearly beloved, it took to many white guys to win WWII. Over 15 million out of almost 17 million in uniform, (Just check out the old news reels.)

The Democrats complain about the mess at our southern border when in fact, they created the problem by offering free health care, and free education. (Why wouldn’t they come?) The US Population has more than doubled since WWII, and we still vote on the first Tuesday in November, (not a good time of the year.) Also, it is time for a sound National ID System because the most powerful Nation in the World would work better, if it had real numbers to work with instead of estimated figures. Gerrymandering has become a political problem, so why not have every county, in every state be designated as Republican or Democrat, (Keep it simple.)

On the lighter side—–there are four men I have enjoyed, listening to in the past. They are Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca, who recently passed away, the late William F Buckley and Rush Limbaugh.

Pvt. South