Stargazer: July 10-16, 2019

For All Signs:  This period is generally stressful because it is the valley between two eclipses.  The first eclipse was on July 2 and the upcoming Full Moon eclipse is on July 16, representing crises which must be addressed.  In addition, we have Mercury retrograding which symbolizes communications errors, computer snafus, problems with transportation, and challenges to our decision making.  It may seem as though everything important is in a state of suspension and we do not know where it is going.  Reduce stress by recognizing that you don’t have the answers on hand just this minute and a waiting period is required.  Accepting that factor will relieve your mind of trying to force outcomes.  It is best to wait for almost anything at this time rather than pushing things to a premature conclusion.

Aries: A surprise in the areas of resources (money, time, energy) may throw you off balance at the beginning of the week.  It may cause anxiety, but you are good at working through emergencies with quick dispatch.  Don’t let distraction interfere with your concentration while driving or using tools.

Taurus: You may be subject to surprise in relation to home, hearth, and family.  Someone is shifting gears, maybe even a 180 degree shift in direction.  Try not to overreact.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde and most decisions made this month will be reversed or altered soon.

Gemini:  No matter how well-meaning you are, others may misunderstand and be offended.  The issue is over ego.  If the Other needs to cling to it, let it be.  You have a grasp of the big picture and many around you cannot fly in the ethers with you or understand your perspective.

Cancer:  (June 20 – July 21)   Between now and the end of July old issues may surface in any relationship.  This time frame is an exercise in truth telling and open discussions of what you know.  If you sense that someone, whether you or the other, is not forthright, do your best to create an environment of trust.

Leo the Lion: Your life direction is in the midst of change.  Every day brings a new challenge.  You are getting new lessons in thinking on your feet and adapting to diversity.  This may not be fun now, but the Lions can become rigid, so sometimes the habit patterns must be altered.  It keeps life interesting.

Virgo: Monitor your inner critic this week.  It may be serving up a plate of neurotic guilt to interfere with your attitude.  A better use of this energy calls for rising above the yada, yada of the droning voice.  Set it aside and realize it is just the shadow self, trying to keep your attention in a negative place.

Libra: It may be a challenge to get anything accomplished this week.  Your lazy side is temporarily taking over.  It seems a better idea to eat bonbons and live in the fantasy world of TV and movies.  Give yourself a breather.  Compensate for the lazies by exercising with vigor.

Scorpio: Plan to work and play alone early in the week.  You likely will be feeling restless and generally tense.  Your patience could be short and you might say things you’ll wish you hadn’t.  You have a desire to break free from restraints.  It is a short transit.  Look for a way to handle this moderately.

Sagittarius: This is a week in which it would be all too easy to slip into self-indulgent behaviors and attitudes.  Your usual activities seem to be on hold.  The Archers like to keep moving forward, never backward or at a standstill.  For the present, focus your attention on lightweight activities.  You’ll feel better and this time will pass soon.

Capricorn:  The weekend brings illumination to things you haven’t wanted to know about yourself.  Most of us are minimally conscious, so it is a shock to discover that which you did not really know.  If you need to make apologies, do so.  But self-flogging is not allowed.

Aquarius:  You are probably on a low cycle at this time.  This could be affecting you emotionally or physically.  Make an effort not to brood.  Keep your mind occupied with movies, TV, or a good book.  Engaging in fantasy is a good antidote for pessimistic thinking.

Pisces: Do the best you can to keep business and paperwork in order.  You might misfile something that would cost you plenty of time to recover.   You have a poetic turn of mind at this time.  You likely will enjoy reading spiritual or philosophical material.  Follow up on your artistic or musical interests.

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