Nike must hate our American flag

Betsy Ross was noted as the craftsperson who sewed the first American Flag.   In my 64 years of life, I always respected Betsy Ross as an American icon.

NIKE was about to sell athletic shoes with a sewn Betsy Ross flag with the 13 stars on the field of blue.  Colin Kaepernick, who hates police and military and anything traditional America, objects to NIKE’s plan.

NIKE now agrees with Colin Kaepernick that the so-called Betsy Ross flag that had 13 stars representing the 13 colonies of the time, is racist.   NIKE pulled the shoes.

It is obvious that both NIKE and Kaepernick have no clue about what our flag’s design is about, as they do not know that there are 13 stripes on today’s US flag that represent those same 13 colonies!!  Once they figure this out, they cannot support ANY version of the US flag.


If we cannot make NIKE pay a heavy price by not buying their crap, then we are participating in our country demise.   Are we going to allow companies and idiotic  people destroy every tradition and institution of our history?  Not me.

Stephen C.