Cattle dispersion – Affected by fire!!

Arizona Cattle Growers’ is offering to assist those affected by wild fires in coordinating the dispersion of cattle!! Jesse Davis, Rick Bader, Charles Bush, and many other Arizona ranchers have volunteered to receive cattle!

Please call Arizona Cattle Growers’ if you are affected and need a place to move your cattle! The numbers to call are 602.267.1129, 915.309.6226, 502.954.6380, and 520.251.0858. We will ask you provide us with the following information: How long will you need a place for your cattle? How many cattle do you need a place for? Where are you located? Do you need help removing and moving the cattle?

Additionally, if you are not affected by the fires and have room to receive cattle please reply to this email! We would like to know the following: How long can you have the extra cattle on your ranch? How many extra cattle can you welcome? Where are you located? We are thankful for the generosity we have seen so far in this effort! Thank you to all of those who are welcoming cattle onto your place, praying for those affected, and sending good thoughts to those trying to get the fire under control!

Again, thank you for all of your help in this effort! Let’s get these cattle moved!!