Stressed out

mullet over

– The royal Ascot Horse Races are to be held June 18-June 22 in 2019. If you have not made preparations, you should hie. Held annually since 1711, horses are allowed to compete by invitation only. There are many special rules pertaining to both male and female human attire. Queen Elizabeth II has attended Ascot every year of her long reign.

– Some astute observers claim the ears on humans grow about .01 inches per year. A thousand year old person might have need of being especially careful in high winds.

– Legally, an “official” boulder must be at least 10.07 inches in diameter… and I must add that all pins used by the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) measure 1 foot 3 inches (within 1/32nd of an inch) in height and weigh between 3 pounds 2 ounces and 3 pounds.

– I wonder if car salesmen sell many new cars in Keriche, Kenya. Meteorologists say that it hails an average of 132 days per year. Don’t look up!

– Four sports that you can win only by going backwards are rappelling, rowing, tug-of-war and high jump. Is marriage a sport?

– European folks have their own names for certain animals. I am not referring to element 13 (aluminum or aluminium). Europeans often call moose an elk. They call an elk a wapiti. I am not making this up.

–  The renowned actor Spencer Tracy was extremely pleased whenever he was awarded his Oscar in 1937. However, it was mistakenly engraved “Dick Tracy.”

– Are you “stressed out”? Do you know someone who is? Consider one Simon Andrews of Osbaldwick, England. Strange Simon has attacked four men randomly on local streets. He wrestles the men to the ground and removes shoes the men were wearing. He never stole the shoes, merely removed them. When asked to explain his behavior, Simon said he was an accountant and was completely “stressed out.”

– The scientific term for bad breath is “ozostomia.” It is caused by eating school cafeteria food. I made up that last part.

– Feeding dyed chicken feed to hens can result in eggs with colored yolks.

– Here is a word that one seldom encounters: dendranthopology. It is the belief that humankind was derived from trees. Its usage is not particularly popular amongst sane people. Well, here is hoping that you are not plagued by severe ozostomia and that you have a pleasant day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at