Dairy Queen was born 1940

mullet over

– The beaver image is a national emblem of Canada. The name of Batman’s butler was … Alfred.

– Established in 1906, The Devil’s Tower was this nation’s first national Monument.

– It may surprise some of you “know-it-alls” to learn that Abraham Lincoln was honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1992. He was quite good. Supposedly his record was 300-1.

– I checked this out and it is apparently true that all functioning British battle tanks assembled since 1945 have the capability to brew tea.

– Another case of DOH! One curious man on a street in Morgantown, West Virginia was worried that he might be wanted for previous misbehaviors. He politely inquired of two law officers if there any warrants for his arrest. There were. He was arrested.

– This West Virginia genius may have had kin far away near Fairbanks, Alaska where two men armed with guns attempted to abscond with a 500 pound company safe from a Moose Lodge. The two had traveled to the Moose Lodge riding bicycles. The robbery attempt was not successful.

– Queen Elizabeth I was born in 1533. Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926. Dairy Queen was born 1940.

– In 1985, 24 year old Matthew Scott from New Jersey was holding a potent “recreational” firework known as M80 when it exploded. The blast removed most of his left hand. Parts that remained were so severely damaged surgeons deemed them unsalvageable. A team of highly skilled physicians attempted a rare hand transplant from a cadaver. The transplant was a remarkable success. Scott can use his newly acquired hand to write his name, tie his shoelaces and turn pages. Matthew was able to throw out the first pitch at a 2000 Philadelphia Phillies MLB game. It is now illegal to sell or possess M80’s in New Jersey. The penalty for possession is 18 months in jail. I have none and want none.

– President Calvin Coolidge was the surprised recipient of a 147 pound Swiss Cheese wheel made in Wisconsin. It is said that all present at the delivery were offered slabs of cheese.

– The highest air temperature ever recorded in the United States occurred at Death Valley at a fiery place known as Greenland Ranch (134°F). I hope those folks had shade.

– A typical bee has five eyes. I no longer feel so remorseful about “beeing” called four eyes. Well, frolic not with M80’s and have a splendid day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.