According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, can you imagine where America would be today if the Press and News media along with our US Congress were on the same page as President Trump has been from the beginning. All the great numbers the President has created without any help from the Democrats and some Republicans in Congress is something to think about.

The 75 year D-DAY celebration in the UK including the Queen was a royal example of British hospitality thanking President Trump and America for our help in winning WWII against Hitler. Meanwhile in London Town the Muslim Mayor and several of the town folk were protesting President Trump, because he was there (including a Hugh balloon of our President.) Those dumb dumbs are not any smarter than their relatives that supported Nevil Chamberlain before the big war. Mr. Churchill came on and saved the day and once again the Brits are in desperate need of a repeat. Theresa May is a classic lady that had to go, (Compare her to Queen Hillary?)

Here at home, two white duds also in the running for president stated “socialism is not good”, they got booed (where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?) San Francisco has long been a cesspool of humanity, (Nancy’s district) has spread to LA with help from the homeless, lots of trash and don’t forget the rats. Sweet Nancy was overheard saying, “She would like to see Trump in jail,” (so much for good government?)

Elizabeth Warren, a good running mate for Biden, would like to tax the rich and reward failure. Here it is Monday, June 10, 2019 and the DOW on the stock market went over 26,000 while not forgetting, under Obama, it never made it to 19,000. According to Pvt South, anyone that votes Democrat in 2020 wants America to fail in the future. If you voted Democrat in the mid-term elections, just look at the situation you created in our 116th Congress! The six women running for president are frustrated because they cannot get any traction in the campaign.  (Could it be they all sound like Hillary?)

QUESTION….what happens if the US is not a number 1 World power in the future?

Pvt South