According to Pvt South May 20, 2019

-Dearly beloved,

-Don’t look now but President Trump has become The Valedictorian of High Politics and the Democrats can’t stand it. They want every state to resemble California and every city to be just like San Francisco. Here it is Saturday May 18, in the year of our Lord, 2019 and the polls just came out with Biden 11 points ahead of Trump, (REALLY). Those same polls had Queen Hillary winning in a land side, (Remember). OK here is a good question for all the Presidential candidates: Where would America be today if Hillary had won starting with the Stock Market, the price of gas at the pump, jobs, and our military including women? Trump will win big in 2020 because he has created great numbers that you need in order to win elections. Remember, (it is economy stupid), and don’t forget all of the migrants piling up at our borders trying to get in, (How many thousands did you say)?

-Mayor de Blasio of NY is now in the race for the brass ring, (unbelievable). There must be profit in confusion. The real reason for so many candidates, it will look good on their resume, (Former Presidential Candidate) that’s why. For nuisance value I would like to see Bernie and Cortez run as third-party candidates, so they can keep their drive alive.

-My last time in Manhattan was in August 2001, attending a wedding with my late wife Pat, who passed in 2007. For five days we walked all over Manhattan including Central Park. Mayor Rudy Giuliani had really put the shine back on the BIG APPLE and we only noticed one homeless person sleeping on the side walk returning to My Old Kentucky home, we took the tour boat around Manhattan, and it was great. So much for great! Two weeks later it was 9-11 and dearly beloved, you know the rest…

-Pvt South