$30 million Tentative Budget gets approved

After lengthy discussions at the regular June 3 meeting, the Cave Creek Town Council addressed several big ticket items, namely:

  • A 12-month rental agreement with Pall Corporation for mobile water treatment for $840,000.00 was approved.
  • While there were many objections based on lack of workshops, vetting and public participation, the word “tentative” carried the day, as a 2019-2020 Tentative Budget of $30,397,132.00 (up from about $20 million) was approved.
    In other business:
  • $44,800.00 was approved for Michael Baker International for Community Outreach Services, focusing on the 2020 General Plan Update.
  • Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) were approved for both the AZ Department of Revenue regarding taxes and Maricopa County regarding law enforcement services.
  • The regular July 1 meeting was cancelled.

Cave Creek Town Council / May 20

Standard business was the agenda for the Cave Creek Town Council on Monday, May 20, most notably:

  • A motion to appoint Mr. Reg Monachino to fill the vacancy on the Water Advisory Committee was passed. 7-0.
  • A motion to approve an intergovernmental agreement between Cave Creek and Maricopa County regarding animal control services was approved, 7-0.
  • A motion to approve the purchase of a PM-10 Certified Street Sweeper was approved, 7-0, making particular note of a $250,000.00 grant was commended.
  • A motion to award Nesbitt Contracting Company an amount not to exceed $800,235.95 for the overlay project on Spur Cross Road passed, 7-0, scheduled to be completed by June 30.