Stargazer: May 29 – June 4, 2019


For All Signs:  We have a new moon in Gemini at 6:02 am on June 3, 2019.  We also have Mercury in this sign so the cosmic accent is on communication, scheduling, education and short trips (either in distance or time).  New ideas and plans will require increased communication, phone calls, notetaking and letter writing.  We can expect frequent schedule changes to accommodate the new information.  Those born under the sign of Gemini will appreciate the new influx of energy.

Aries:  This is a fine week to organize clutter as well as keepsakes in your home.  You have a desire to prune away that which is not needed to create more order and symmetry.  It will be a relief to your eyes and make it easier to find everything.  Consider adding storage containers and other helpful items that can create more visual space.

Taurus: Aspects of this week bring you good news from afar.  Activities related to the law, education, publishing, the internet and travel are favored.  Business in general will flow well and you will accomplish such things with ease.

Gemini the Twins: (May 20 — June 21)  You may need to think out loud about whatever you are pondering.  If there is no one to listen, satisfy that need by making outlines or lists.  Your mind is flowing with good ideas.  Perhaps you need to diagram how all these things fit together.  Your mind is working fast.  You will need to find a way to bring order out of apparent chaos.

Cancer:  Your romantic side is cooperating well with your nurturing side at this time.  This is especially good for female friendships.  Make a date for lunch and reconnect with people you like.  Friendships of all kinds are available if you can overcome your innate shyness and respond.

Leo:  This is a time in which you and your efforts are on display.  There is a sense of judgment about this.  If you have been diligent and performed your required tasks well you will be rewarded.  If you have been slack, that will be noted as well.  This is Saturn, who gives us nothing for free, but rewards effort.

Virgo:  Communications with significant others may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether.  Do not make assumptions about what others mean.  Ask questions and clarify for best results.  Don’t leap to conclusions on any matter, particularly that which has to do with soul and heart.

Libra: You have several aspects that favor romance, the arts, and things of beauty.  You may be the happy recipient of small gifts, compliments or favors from others.   Your mind wants to wander in the world of fantasy, daydreams, good books, and music.  It is not a great week for getting things done, but you will enjoy the journey.

Scorpio: This week your willingness to serve and take care of others will be rewarding.  Your relationship to partners and friends will be positive and supportive to your sense of well-being.   Sunshine smiles upon you.  It is a good time to let go of nagging resentments.

Sagittarius:  You and your partner may be restless and want to do something different.  This is a good weekend to take a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been for a while.  Go to a concert or a movie with an uplifting message.

Capricorn: Work is a nuisance this week.  It is as though you are being nibbled to death by ducks.  You would far rather spend your time in the areas of romantic love, play, and creative pursuits.  Time spent with children may be rewarding.

Aquarius:  Circumstances will work in your favor as you deal with home, hearth, family and property matters.  In some situations it is a matter of good will from others, and in other situations, it may just be happenstance that the rule of the “Powers that Be” helps things flow in your direction

Pisces:  Early in the week your sense of balance may be tilted by something that occurs with your family or your partner.  Discuss it with the person in question.  It is likely you have misunderstood the intention of that action.  Rebalance by reading a good book, listening to soothing music, or pursuing your art.  

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