Frustration with town signs

There has been a lot of letters (and editorials) complaining about the proliferation of business signs in Cave Creek. Okay, this is a little out of control and needs some correction. However, no one seems to be complaining about all the signs The Town is putting up which is also out of control. Look at the new stop signs (and a sign to tell you there will be a stop sign), digital speed signs, and the new pedestrian signs. From an engineering standpoint, they are functional and will last forever – however, they are butt ugly. Are we trying to look like San Fernando Valley?

Also, locals have become oblivious to the signage on Spur Cross Road which is now referred to as Sign Cross Road. The solar panels are bad enough but the number of signs is ridiculous. Unfortunately, drunks and speeders will do their thing regardless of how many signs The Town puts up.

The town should hire a landscape architect to advise them on getting rid of half the signs and modifying the rest to look like they belong in a rural, western town.


Alvin R. Zeeman
Cave Creek