Re: Motorcycle Week

Dear Editor

I am sure that those evaluating the success of Motorcycle Week are all “high fiving” and complementing each other on their great work. Then there are those of us who share a differing opinion of this event and that includes me, a resident of North Scottsdale in the zip code 85266. The event which, of course, originates in West World should stay there as do other similar events such as the Barrett Automobile Auction and the Arabian Horse Show, but no, it spills over onto Scottsdale Road through Carefree and ends in Cave Creek. If it is your intent to make Scottsdale, the Sturgis (South Dakota) Harley Davidson rally of the Southwest, all involved have succeeded in that effort.

Starting on Friday March 29 and extending through late (midnight) Sunday evening April 7, Scottsdale Road was the scene of marauding packs of as many as 20-30 Harley’s and their over–charged testosterone riders and passengers roaring past our neighborhood each trying to out-do the other with their blasting exhausts. This “cult” seems to take great pleasure in testing the limits of their bikes to see how much noise they can create and of course those with “straight pipes” lead the pack. To get a good idea of the number of “bikes” that are involved, one need only to drive into Cave Creek where the town has been “conquered” by these packs of marauders; we’re talking a thousand or more parked while their driver and passenger load up on confidence building drinks. Then to return back down Scottsdale Road where the noise is insufferable! Oddly, I never once saw a Scottsdale Police or Sherriff’s Office vehicle during this entire time. They must have been instructed to “lay off” or they were busy with parking tickets.

Whoever is responsible for this “hair-brained” celebration should be forced to try to enjoy their peace and quiet of their home along this traffic corridor; it was horrendous! I feel certain that the owners of homes in Bellasera, Whisper Rock, Terravita and Winfield would join me in asking that the area City Councils take measures to eliminate or minimize this invasion of our privacy. Thank you.


Russ Bloyer