Eagle project completed

Knoah Mohn

Knoah Mohn, an Eagle Scout candidate with Boy Scout Troop #15, completed his Eagle Project on Saturday, May 4, 2019 with a beautification project in the Cave Creek Cemetery in Carefree. A group of about 50 volunteers showed up to assist, with about half being under 18 years old. They cut mistletoe out of trees, removed dead brush, raked and developed a path that was lined with river rock, which was donated by Foothills Granite. Knoah discovered when he requested his donation that Barry Myers, the father of Ashley and Justin Myers, brother and sister co-owners of Foothills Granite, is buried in the cemetery. 

He said, “I was very warmed and excited by all of the people that decided to show up for my project and was very happy to see that 50 plus people were able to attend. I was super excited that we were able to finish the project in one day and we had enough time to over beautify and trim headstones. The Town of Carefree went out the very next day to see the improvements that we made and were very pleased by the work the Boy Scouts from Troop #15 had done. All in all, I was very happy with the results and thought it was a very beneficial Eagle Project to the town, community, and especially those interred there.”  His work was acknowledged on Monday, May 27, 2019 during the Memorial Day Tribute held by the Town of Carefree in Cave Creek Cemetery. 

In addition to Foothills Granite, Knoah offered a special thanks to Harold’s Cave Creek Corral for providing pizzas for all the workers after the project. Additionally, he offered extra special thanks to Mayor Les Peterson and all the people at the Town of Carefree that provided him with this idea, and supported him in this project. His extra, extra special thanks was proffered to his grandpa, John Lassen and all of his family and friends that supported him in this project.

Boy Scout Troop #15 is in the Pinnacle Peak District of the Grand Canyon Council.