Truth redacted

Fifteen years ago fiction writer Michael Crichton succinctly described our current situation saying, “…like it or not, we’re in the middle of a war – a global war of information verses disinformation”. AG Willian Barr has been excoriated over redacting tiny portions of the Mueller report; chiefly grand jury testimony. A function he is constitutionally bound to do by law. Not good enough for the Dems who now seek to hold him in contempt of congress – for not breaking the law, at their demand. Even if he was (and he is most certainly not) he can not have nearly the contempt for this congress that I and many other Trump supporters have. This is purely another avenue of attack on Donald Trump thru his AG.

Daily, no hourly, for the past two and one half years every day it is repeated that President Trump colluded with the Russians, believing, we suppose, that repetition is going to make it true. These same howling Dems invested so much in Robert Mueller and his team of character assassins, now appear to be calling him a liar for his collusion conclusion whose 400+ pages could have been distilled down into – No collusion, No obstruction – period. The time has come for the entire Dem leadership, their presidential hopefuls and the media to admit it is dead, ‘Ne Plus Ultra”, (Latin for “No Farther).

Randy Edwards