We are engaged in a tariff war with Red China. The North Korean fat boy with the bad haircut is launching missiles off civilian ships into the Sea of japan,. We have a carrier task force steaming toward Iran, ready to strike. Western Europa has fallen to the Islamic hjira, and is being subjected to sharia rule.  Venezuelans are getting closer to practise cannibalism, since food is non-existent in that Socialist Utopia. The USA is being invaded by a ragtag army of disused, illiterate, extremely fertile opportunists from México and the Central American Triangle – people who expect to be paid, medicated, schooled, housed, clothed transported while addressed in a language other than Standard North American English, while refusing to be assimilated into our society,  still waving their respective national flags.

However, let us focus on what is really important: Wow! A biracial American actress has one-upped Philadelphia’s Grace Kelly by by marrying onto Britain’s royal family, and has produced a baby!  Now the vapid mobile phone zombie crowd is in a quandary: Whom to watch, Meghan Markle or the Kardashians?

Cynically yours,

J-P. A. Maldonado