How Do I Know When To Start Preventing Allergies Naturally?

Dr Leisa

With preventive medicine, it’s exactly that. Preventive. Instead of treating your symptoms, we prevent the condition from happening in the first place, This is done by balancing your body to work properly. In most cases, in order to accomplish this, you have to start this process well before allergy or cold and flu season. Some people will say that natural therapies haven’t worked for them. I find that this is because they’re using a preventive treatment to treat an acute condition. This is not how it works. Please read on, to find out when it’s best to start the process. This way, you’re not in a crisis left taking medications that may have harmful side effects.

When should I start taking local bee pollen and honey for my allergies?

As I wrote earlier, as soon as possible. I’ve found that here in North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree, it’s best to start at least by August for Springtime allergies. This way, your body has time to let the pollen work to build your tolerance to the allergens. This is how it works. The local honey and pollen has the local allergens from the flowers that you are allergic to in the area that you live. Enjoying honey for flavor from other parts of the state or country is nice, but it’s not working on preventing your allergic reactions. Local means local. It has to contain pollens from your area. Once you start ingesting the local pollen in small amounts, your body responds to it at a low level. As you increase the dose of bee pollen throughout the months, once allergy season hits and the actual flower pollen is in the air, your body can then react appropriately without the allergic reactions. It’s a very simple process but takes time to build up. By taking pollen or honey once allergy season starts, it’s generally too late. It needs to start months ahead.

When can I start raising my immune system for cold and flu season?

Once again, as soon as possible. Taking a medical grade probiotic is very important to support your gut and raise your immune system. Once cold and flu season comes around, simply taking these probiotics at that point is too late. Of course it’s always good to take a strong probiotic, but for the process of raising your immune system, it takes time. By waiting to the last minute, you may be susceptible to catch a cold or the flu. Now you are at the mercy of medications. A great bonus is that by taking these early on, you’ve already developed a routine.

My joints hurt when the barometer changes. How can I prevent that?

This usually happens most commonly during monsoon season. By reducing inflammation prior to that time, you will find that your joints won’t become as sore when the barometer changes. At least a few months ahead of time, try to eat less inflammatory foods. Inflammatory foods as I have mentioned in previous articles, include sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, and others. I’ve written articles on this, so look back and review those. You can also reduce the inflammation in your joints with supplementation. MSM, medical grade turmeric, medical food supplements, and more to help greatly reduce the inflammation during barometric changes. Changing your diet and taking the appropriate supplements beforehand, allows your body to reduce the inflammation in time. Of course changing diet and taking supplements during those changes may help, but it’s always best to start that process a few months ahead so the body can do it’s job in time.

I hope this helps with a timeline for preventive measures. Just remember don’t wait until it’s too late! I carry all of the products mentioned in this article. Feel free to call if you’d like to take the right ones to get the job done right.

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