Have a groovy day

mullet over

– Scientific analyses have indicated that human hair is composed of about 88% proteins. Roasted grasshoppers were found to consist of about 70% protein molecules. To date, I have knowingly eaten neither Heuschrecke nor Haar. However, I admit the mixture does have more palate appeal than many High School Cafeteria beans that I have been served.

– On to more pleasant subjects: It is thought that the famous Michelangelo completed exactly one easel-mounted painting during his lifetime. It depicts the Holy Family and now is on display at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Some art historians declared a monetary value for the work to be north of $5 billion. Others say placing a pecuniary assessment on the original opus is an undoable task. I fear my “Holy Family” water color is some sort of replica. I ordered it online.

– Some utterances “spoken” by people renown in history were never uttered as quoted. I offer “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” These lines were purportedly shouted by Admiral David Farragut to his command at the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. According to The Yale book of Quotations, allusion to the incident was first printed in 1878. There exist no contemporary (1864-1877) newspaper accounts citing references to those stirring words.

– Some personally-owned rifles are quite valuable. One candidate for the highest appraised such weapon would be an 1886 model Winchester previously owned by U.S. Army Captain Henry Lawton. It is photographically documented that Lawton was in possession of his new rifle as he led troops that captured the famous Apache Geronimo. That same Winchester recently sold at public auction for $1.2 million. Experts agree that other rifles would bring much higher prices, but are never likely to be sold – e.g., the 91/38 Carcano used in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

– There have been some rather humorous verbal dialogues during criminal trials. One exchange was recorded as “… and why do you handle the family finances?” Reply: “My mom and sister are not very bright.”

– In a separate trial conducted within our southern regions, the judge was addressing each individual jury member in regard to the verdict just rendered: “If that be your verdict, so say you all.” The first member of the jury stood and replied “You all.”

– Tanzania is a republic in eastern Africa and has a population of approximately 60 million. I mention the nation because it has recently issued postage stamps honoring Michael Jackson. The income-generating venture has been so successful that other countries have issued similar stamps. Thriller fans? Have a groovy day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.