Hi Don Sorchych, what a pleasure talking with you yesterday. Again appreciate your support and advise. This editorial really needs your help to best support President Trumps meaning of covfefe. Additionally believe it will be great for our community. 

On May 31 2017 President Trump tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” and the Fake news pounced on the so-called misspelling. President Trump then deleted the tweet. However Sean Spicer soon said during a White House press briefing, “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant”.

Then our great President Trump tweeted “Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe” and social media went bonkers with videos, t-shirts, mugs. So for two years the liberal haters, are still hating. But they’re all saying covfefe this covfefe that. Is there a narrative they’re trying to get across?

Has a small group of “people in the know” invaded our community? What will they do, Expose The Swamp? Sorry to inform you Mr. President we have Swamp Creatures in this fine Arizona Desert too.

Thinking back to this covfefe thing as local roofing contractor in Carefree AZ first thought maybe the President Trump meant to tweet “Despite all the negative media CNNfake or maybe NBCfake or ABCfake or CBSfake. But soon realized MSNBCfake doesn’t fit in covfefe so fell inline with so many other great American’s that President Trump just misspelled Coverage. The Fake News still hasn’t gotten over covfefe and this may know go on much longer the their TDS and impeachment insane thinking.

But wait a minute President Trump tweeted “Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe” so really there’s a meaning to covfefe. But the Fake News just keeps saying covfefe has no meaning. Just a racist, homophobic etc crazy guy in the White House tweeting. Should we just accept the Fake News take on covfefe. I mean really what would it be like to have Hillary who to some is an American Hero? For what destroying certain aspects for this great land.

This small group in the know had a great plan long before covfefe. Even with the bad press, the Comey’s, Brennen’s Baker’s Polosi’s Shomer’s, Ohr’s Pencle Neck etc. They had a plan to win bigtime. So please Mr President tell me how big is covfefe going to be. Because this small group of people that are in the know is going to get a whole lot bigger.  

So to include yourself in the small group of people that know the real meaning of covfefe. To save our Country, Our, Values, Faith, Elections, Firearms Etc. However covfefe really just means win2020.

As your day passes along covfefe meaning is right in your hand. On your phone’s dial pad locate the first letter of covfefe C add the letters abc plus two equals six then subtract from C bazyxW. Do that with the rest of covfefe, add it up. You’re now part of a very very important small group people in the know. They have really been with us each and everyday. Making America Great Again. Because really it’s every community across our Country land aged up. That We The People run this land with our fellow man “President Donald J Trump”.

So really even the liberal haters subliminally support President Trump. Think about it, they have all been saying win2020 for President Trump for the past two years now! Making T-shirts, coffee mugs, posts blogs. Heck ever the Fake News has been saying win2020 from sea to shining sea.  

However most importantly together we will win2020/covfefe. Enjoyed. Thank you Mr. President Trump… The best President ever, so that’s my two cents on covfefe.

Asking all roofers across this great land. Put on the best roofs and don’t be a Comey. Wear your Make America Great Again hats proudly on every rooftop across this Great Country. Win2020

P.S. only the bad actors in the deep state have leaks. It’s a good thing the Deep State is not in the roofing business, because we would all have leaks. Us good roofers don’t. Make America Great Again COVFEFE

Thank you Mr President Trump on behalf of all us Make America Great Again roofer’s


Eric Anderson